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With a population exploding in spite of all controls and planning, real estate in Kerala has obvious growth potential. As an investment or in terms of modern stylish comfort and convenience, Kerala flats and villas are a cut above the par.

The discerning modern day investor knows the importance of easy accessibility to schools, workplace, hospitals, shops, entertainment centers, and airports. A real estate investment has far higher value in the major towns and cities of Kerala. Returns from real estate have consistently performed well and even out performed the other investment options. An economic liberalization policy has encouraged NRI investments into real estate with the advantage of repatriation of the capital invested. NRI or Non Resident Indian has been defined as a person resident outside India under FEMA.

Most people of Kerala or India origin for that matter are sentimental and have many nostalgic memories tying them to their ancestral properties. However, times have changed and it’s no longer feasible to retain the place for a number of reasons. Maybe it’s the differing requirements of a large family where one individual wishes to en-cash his asset, another to retain space and yet another to divide his holding between several heirs. However, each one needs independent ownership.

If the property is sold, all the links to the past are no more than memories, but cooperative development with a real estate builder enables you to retain a part of your property and at the same time honor every individual family member’s need for independent ownership and financial freedom.

Kochi being a prominent hub for the real estate market, we have several top notch builders in the state; Jairaj Builders being one of them.

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